Book review rubric

ConflictIs this a problem?Edge of my seat
Character2DI learned something about myself
CuriosityThat’s neatShould I write fanfiction about this?
ConciseCan I skip chapters x-y?I am satisfied with the ending
Score is an average of all four categories


This isn’t meant to be an academic evaluation of literature. These are just the things I find most important when reading a story.


Defined as: “What stands in the way of the character reaching their goal?” and how compelling is it.


For me, it’s really important that the characters feel real and make decisions that I understand, or at least understand why they are making them.


This is usually whatever I find unique about the story. Doesn’t even necessarily have to be plot related. Just something that makes me think about the world around the characters.


This is a somewhat ironic category for me considering how much I love epic fantasy, but I like for details to matter in the end. I don’t need to know every kind of horse each person rides *COUGH* *COUGH* Wheel of time *COUGH*….